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Submit a Note of Encouragement

Even under the best of circumstances, the hospital environment can be stressful for our caregivers.  The COVID-19 crisis demonstrated the significant and positive impact our community's support can have on the emotional strength and resiliency of our hospital staff.

We invite you to submit a note of encouragement and support below that we can share with a member of Dignity Health Sequoia Hospital's staff.  Your words will be meaningful to the recipient and make a difference in their day!

  • Write from your heart and be kind.
  • Write as if you were speaking directly to one individual.
  • Remember that caregivers exist throughout the hospital and may be doctors, nurses, technicians, environmental and foodservice workers, engineers, etc.
  • Encourage others to visit this page to share their own words of encouragement.
  • Your name/email are optional and will not be shared with your note.  We, however, would appreciate the opportunity to thank you for your kindness.
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