Sequoia Guest House

The Sequoia Hospital Guest House is home away from home for out-of-area patients and their families receiving medical care at Sequoia Hospital. The comfortable, quiet and welcoming environment we provide not only impacts those staying at the Guest House, but helps patients in the hospital feel at ease knowing their family members are close by.  The Guest House is complimentary to our patients and their families.

In 1990, the Sequoia Hospital Foundation Board of Directors purchased the Guest House home to be offered to families of patients living outside of the Bay Area Peninsula, so that families who could not afford the cost of hotels could be near loved ones.  At the time of purchase, the home was a single-family dwelling with two bedrooms and one bathroom.  Through the efforts of the Foundation’s Board of Directors and staff, they were able to raise funds to renovate and furnish the home. Today, the Guest House has eight bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, a living room with satellite television, kitchen, beautifully landscaped backyard and patio area, wireless internet access and laundry facilities.

For nearly 25 years we have opened our Guest House doors for patients and their families to ease the burden and worries of why they are at the hospital.  For most, the Guest House is a sanctuary for relief during troubled moments.    Over the years, a significant portion of the Guest House maintenance has been met by funds from generous donors.  Unfortunately, due to the age of the home (built in 1936) and daily wear and tear, it has been determined the Guest House is in need of a remodel.

The remodel will include amenities for individuals with disabilities, seismic fitting, guest key card accessibility, new laundry room and new HVAC equipment.