Staff members behind HEROES sign.

Dear Sequoia Community,

In just eight weeks, our professional and personal lives have changed in ways we could never have imagined. Eight weeks ago our surgery schedule was busy. Eight weeks ago our units were full. Eight weeks ago COVID-19 came to our community and everything changed.

Today, we are a very different hospital focused solely on how we will care for a surge of patients we can’t predict nor understand in its ferocity. Like you, I hear the stories from other hospitals, other communities, and other nations. I am frightened by what we may face. We did not ask for this crisis, but how we respond to it will define us.

What I have seen so far in our response is inspiring. The Sequoia community is engaged and readying itself for the work ahead. Teams are formed…recommendations are made…concerns are shared…things change daily…we keep learning. Our daily meetings are filled with stories of amazing dedication.

I wish I had a crystal ball. I wish I could look into the future and tell you what the coming weeks will bring. I am humbled by what I do not know, but I am bolstered by our team’s commitment to our most vulnerable patients. I am bolstered by the way we support each other. I am bolstered by Sequoia’s resolve.

Bill Graham
Sequoia Hospital President