Sequoia Hospital Heart and Vascular Institute

The growth of the Sequoia Hospital Heart and Vascular Institute will build upon the hospital’s existing decades-long reputation for innovation and clinical excellence and will be recognized within a full range of cardiovascular services including prevention, surgical and non-surgical intervention, wellness and advanced research. 

Two floors of the new  pavilion, representing approximately 50% of the new hospital’s available patient space, are dedicated to the cardiac and vascular services. This area includes seven interventional suites. Two of the hospital’s eight new surgical suites are larger and specially designed to accommodate open-heart surgery. Also included are pre-operative care and post-intervention care areas and a 56-bed cardiac surveillance unit complete with private rooms, state-of-the-art monitoring equipment and centrally located nursing and family reception areas.

In the future, many of the key elements of the Institute may be housed in a dedicated medical office building immediately adjacent to Sequoia Hospital.  This type of dedicated facility could potentially result in less “fractured” care for patients with a single initial point of contact, centralized testing and single site services to the greatest extent possible. Research and best-practice modeling will also be enhanced in an environment where multiple physicians and disciplines are working together.

Critical to the development of our Cardiac Institute is recruitment and retention of the next generation of nationally recognized physicians. Long-term success of the Sequoia Hospital Cardiac Institute will be assured through the development of a strategic endowment fund. This element is critical for maintaining long-term physician satisfaction and for creating an environment that supports physician career development and ongoing expansion of services offered by the Center.