Spring Giving

Spring brings a season of transformation, change and new beginnings, and an opportunity to honor those who care for our patients. At Dignity Health Sequoia Hospital, we are looking to warmer and drier days and a renewed focus on our mission of innovative and exceptional health care.

The new season reminds us to be thankful for our community of courageous, compassionate and skilled health care professionals, who are on the frontlines of delivering daily patient care. 

Now more than ever their enduring commitment to heal seriously ill and injured patients inspires us all.

The nurses and staff at Sequoia provide amazing care, staying on top of every detail involved in life-saving treatment. They continue to remain hopeful and joyful and committed to their work.

Sequoia Hospital nurses and staff offer moments of genuine kindness during all the fear and uncertainty of a health crisis - truly making all the difference.

I cannot say enough about how relieved and happy I am after my stay at Sequoia Hospital. I received nothing but the finest of service as a patient and a human being. The staff [at Sequoia Hospital] have been wonderful. Twenty stars to Dignity Health. They have given me hope that I might regain the ability to walk again.

Because of the radiologists report I was able to receive accurate treatment for my rare condition. I'm grateful for the equipment used to detect what I have as well as for my radiology doctor. I was in so much pain, but their wonderful care and adept treatment made it so much easier. I appreciate the humorous moments we shared. I can't tell you how healing it is to be able to share some laughter when in so much discomfort.

Sequoia has the highest level of new patient safety measures in place to ensure everyone is safe and able to receive proper care.

With generous support from grateful patients and community donors, the hospital continues to make necessary updates and additions to our medical technology and facilities. 

Sequoia is constantly making improvements that will help thousands of patients every year – thanks to the generosity of local donors.

Your gift today will help doctors, nurses and clinicians as they care for patients. Giving helps our patients whether they come to Sequoia for routine testing, emergency care or welcoming a new baby into the world.

Donate today. Honor our staff who give so much to healing and good health in our community. Please help keep Sequoia Hospital at the forefront of excellence.