Spring Giving

When Dignity Health Sequoia Hospital opened its doors 71 years ago, no one could have imagined the essential role our caregivers would assume as a surrogate family to our patients during the current pandemic.

COVID-19 changed nearly everything in our hospital, but it did not change the spirit of our care professionals. Our teams have risen to meet and overcome the complexities and hardships caused by the pandemic. For all of our patients in every department, Sequoia has become the family they need. Even as they forgo time with their own families and fear for their health and the health of their loved ones, Sequoia’s caregivers are stepping in to fill the emotional and spiritual needs of our patients, in addition to their physical needs.

Caregiver looking through a window at a reflected sunset.

Recently I was able to facilitate a late evening connection between an elderly patient and his daughter. Although he could not respond to her, she was able to share her love for him and express her gratitude for what he had given her in life. After the lengthy call, she then asked that I play music for him overnight that was of significance to them and to their faith. Having experienced that comfort and connection, the patient gently passed the next morning. Working with the family, our staff was able to prepare a ‘legacy box’ with the father’s handprints and other mementos. Our entire care team worked very hard to ensure that what could have been a lonely passing was actually a very beautiful death for this gentleman and for his family as well.

Kristin Reidy, RN, CHPN
    Palliative Care Specialist

Sadness is balanced by the gratification of seeing other patients heal, improve and return home. Emotional passings are far outpaced by joyous births at Sequoia. From doctors and nurses to housekeeping, foodservice and respiratory therapy among others, everyone is coming together to support our patients and their families in heartwarming ways.

Outside support from the Foundation’s donors has provided for staff resiliency programs as well as several iPads used by our nurses and chaplains to facilitate communication between our patients and those who can’t be with them in person. In this moment, Sequoia’s community is truly living up to its long-held reputation for family-centered care.

Your help is needed to enable us to further advance this important work. While your past support has already helped us achieve inspiring results, we’re not done yet! Please come together with other community members to support the people and programs that will be a lasting gift for Sequoia Hospital starting today and continuing long after our global pandemic crisis subsides.

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