Fred Tabsharani created his personal legacy at Sequoia Hospital. So can you.

The power to secure a foundation for excellent patient care lives within each of us.  Legacy giving ensures that the medical advancements for patient care made at Dignity Health Sequoia Hospital today can be sustained, and built upon, for the future.

When Fred Tabsharani’s parents arrived to the United States in 1963, they embarked on careers in medicine.  Fred’s father worked in Radiology​ for forty years while his mother worked as a nurse. Healthcare and the growth of the practice of medicine through advancements in technology have always been an area of interest.

For Fred, a cyber security professional and legacy donor, it is Sequoia Hospital’s Heart and Vascular Institute, however, that is a very personal priority.  Last year, he learned he would need a heart valve replacement. “While valve replacement is a relatively common procedure, it is still an invasive and delicate surgery,” Fred recalls thinking.

Fred turned to his father, who had undergone the same procedure a few years earlier at Sequoia, and chose the physician who performed his father’s surgery, Dr. Luis Castro.  The success of his father’s operation and the excellent reputation of Sequoia’s cardiac programs gave him confidence.

Reflecting later on his own surgery, however, there was something more impactful that resonated with Fred.  “Throughout my two stays at Sequoia, I felt like I was the only patient in the hospital.  From the emergency staff to the transporters, to the surgeons and physical therapists, I truly felt cared for at every turn.  The orchestration of the pre-op and post-op phases was effortless and comforting.  More importantly, it provided me peace of mind as a patient.  I left the hospital already well on my way to a full recovery.”

Looking ahead, Fred recognizes that the separation between medicine and advanced​ technology is growing smaller every year. Sequoia Hospital continues to seek ongoing integration with our neighbors and colleagues in Silicon Valley. “While I see Sequoia as a leader in performing successful heart-valve replacements, I also see them as leaders in advancing healthcare technology, which will help other hospitals have higher success rates with valve replacements too.”  

“I hope that my gift to Sequoia will allow an already forward-looking cardiovascular team to build on its solid mission statement and the passion that already drives their department.  As advancements in technology mitigate the long recovery period patients now face after heart-valve replacement I know Sequoia will lead the way.  By the time my planned gift is used, I imagine that Sequoia will have partnered with leading research and development institutions to offer cutting-edge care to patients with heart disease.”  

Sequoia is Special. The hospital’s cardiac programs are ranked among the best in the country, and are infused with human spirit and sincere kindness.  Fred experienced this firsthand.  “Leaving a legacy through charitable giving is one of my dreams – including Sequoia in my estate plan allows me to achieve it.  My donation honors the current team of the cardiovascular unit at Sequoia.  This gift is a token of my gratitude for the exemplary human spirit demonstrated by each and every employee of Sequoia Hospital every day.”