The Hannig Family

When we speak of care we most often think of care delivered by our physicians and staff. Sometimes, however, it is our community that provides generations of care to our hospital. 

Gratitude flows equally in both directions.

The Sequoia Hospital Foundation has enjoyed a long partnership with the Hannig family, spanning three generations. 

Theresa Hannig joined the Foundation’s Board of Directors in 1992 and remained engaged with the hospital until her passing in 2017 at the age of 94.  Theresa served with dedication as chair of both Foundation events and committees during her board service. With her leadership, the Foundation secured funds for the Sequoia Hospital Guest House, Birth Center and rehabilitation services among others.  Outside of the Foundation, Theresa served as a Eucharistic minister, delivering comfort and communion to Sequoia’s patients.  Decades earlier, Theresa’s husband Frank Hannig, Sr., was involved in securing the very land upon which today’s hospital stands. A lawyer and founder of the Hannig Law Firm, Frank joined his wife in supporting the Foundation’s efforts, actively participating in golf and gala events and helping secure funds for the hospital's programs.

Frank and Theresa’s sons, Frank Jr. and Ted, joined their parents in supporting Sequoia.  Like his mother, Frank joined the Foundation’s Board of Directors (in 2001), eventually serving as the Board’s Chairperson.  Frank served on the Community Cabinet for the $10 million New Sequoia Hospital Campaign and continues to serve on the Board’s Audit Committee.  Ted served on the hospital’s Community Advisory Committee for many years and his community efforts include serving as President of the Danford Foundation. The Danford Foundation has provided financial support for many of the hospital’s most significant funding priorities and generously funds scholarship awards annually through the Sequoia Hospital Foundation’s Dr. William Kennett Memorial Nursing Scholarship Program. 

Frank, Ted and their families, including Frank’s daughter Lauren, are frequent attendees and volunteers at Foundation events and activities, making three generations of support from one exceptional family.  The Hannig family’s unparalleled support of Dignity Health Sequoia Hospital and our Foundation is a testament to the place our hospital holds in the hearts and minds of our community.