Imaging for Tomorrow:
The Campaign For a New CT Scanner

Imaging is Everything

Physicians rely on the most advanced CT imaging technology available for fast, clinically accurate information. Stroke, trauma, heart, orthopedic and cancer patients all have one thing in common: CT imaging is at the core of their diagnosis and treatment planning.

To provide first-rate, nationally-recognized care, hospitals need the best imaging technology available. Sequoia needs to replace the current 64-slice CT scanner with new technology. Our physicians rely on CT imaging for over 7,500 patients annually. The current scanner is past the ten-year mark, and is experiencing ever-increasing downtime due to maintenance needs, which in turn impacts patient care.

How You Can Help

Sequoia Hospital Foundation’s campaign, Imaging for Tomorrow, is an ambitious new initiative to purchase a Siemens SOMATOM Drive with Dual Source technology CT Scanner by the end of 2022, replacing older technology.

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This new CT imaging technology is vital to the future growth of Dignity Health Sequoia Hospital’s:

      • Heart and Vascular Institute
      • Precision Biopsy Program
      • Stroke Program
      • Center for Total Joint Replacement
      • Neurology Services
      • Emergency and Trauma Services

This equipment will help to standardize and elevate the quality of care across multiple services and programs. Versatile and ahead of its time, the quality of this CT imaging will advance Sequoia’s award-winning care to even greater heights.

Sequoia Hospital patients deserve the very best. Philanthropy can help.

What is CT Imaging?

Computed tomography (CT) imaging combines the power of an X-ray with computer technology to provide detailed images of internal organs. The painless, 5 to 20-second scan produces 360-degree, cross sectional views of the human body. This allows the radiologist to provide a diagnosis for the patient, and a treatment plan to be formed by the referring physician. New CT technology produces images with greater clarity and detail, making diagnosis more accurate and treatment plans more customized to each patient.