Imaging for Tomorrow Campaign

In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic caused the reallocation of financial resources at Sequoia Hospital to address the immediate crisis. Throughout this challenging period, the local community stepped forward with extraordinary contributions to support the hospital's commitment to delivering high-quality, globally recognized care. Despite the adversities posed by the pandemic, the community's unwavering support for Sequoia Hospital had remained. 

During this time, the Foundation began our effort to raise funds for a critical need in innovative technology, a new CT scanner machine. A CT, or computed tomography, scan amalgamates multiple X-ray snapshots taken from various angles around the body to construct detailed cross-sectional visuals of bones, blood vessels, and soft tissues. This advanced imaging technique is a cornerstone for Sequoia Hospital's medical staff, who annually perform over 7,500 CT scans for patient care and diagnosis. 

Support for Areas of Care

  • Heart and Vascular Institute
  • Precision Biopsy Program
  • Stroke Program
  • Center for Total Joint Replacement
  • Neurology Services
  • Emergency and Trauma Services

The Impact of Philanthropy

In an exemplary display of community support, the Foundation reached its $4 million funding goal for the "Imaging for Tomorrow" Campaign. This fundraising campaign was supported by over 130 contributors includes a remarkable lead gift of $1 million. Funds will enable the hospital to acquire the state-of-the-art Siemens SOMATOM Drive CT scanner equipped with dual-source technology. This collective effort underscores the pivotal role philanthropy plays in advancing medical technology and patient care at Sequoia Hospital.

This fundraising campaign is an investment in the high-quality care at Sequoia Hospital. With the partnership of our hospital’s foundation and our many supporters, we will remain at the forefront of excellence. Through the utilization of this technology our care providers across multiple specialties will be able to continue to grow their practice and expertise.

Bill Graham, Sequoia Hospital President and CEO