Dr. William Kennett Memorial Nursing Scholarship Program

Following the passing of Dr. William Kennett, a long-time Sequoia Hospital physician and founding member of the Sequoia Hospital Foundation, his widow, Gloria Kennett envisioned a scholarship program in his memory to help train highly-skilled, compassionate care professionals as well as address the global nursing shortage. Today, the Dr. William Kennett Memorial Nursing Scholarship Program provides financial support for student nurses in the Sequoia Hospital/San Francisco State University Bachelor of Science Nursing program at Cañada College.  

Since 2005, the Kennett Scholarship Program has awarded ninety scholarships to deserving students for a total of over three quarters of a million dollars.  Many of the program’s students are pursuing training in nursing as a second career and these scholarship awards make possible a life-long desire to work as a health care professional, caring for others in their community.  We are honored that many of the scholarship recipients go on to work at Sequoia Hospital, within the Dignity Health system or at other local facilities.

Scholarship awards are funded through an annual donor solicitation campaign conducted by the Sequoia Hospital Foundation. 

Scholarship Applications

Applications for the 2018 Dr. William Kennett Memorial Nursing Scholarship Program are currently being accepted until March 23, 2018. Students must download the 2018 Scholarship Application as well as the 2018 Nursing Recommendation Form to apply. 

Please note: All scholarship application materials must be submitted electronically per the instructions in the application document. 

Questions about the application process? Please contact Alex Wright at alex.wright@dignityhealth.org or at 650.367.5676.