Dr. Tamrazi at the Precision Biopsy Center

Advancing Patient Care with Transformational Cancer Research

Recent research advancements have led to targeted cancer therapies with fewer side effects and greater precision. However, patient selection for specific therapies relies solely on the tumor biopsy. The Precision Biopsy Center at Sequoia Hospital, established in 2016, makes innovative procedures accessible to all patients under the leadership of Dr. Anobel Tamrazi, MD, PhD, a vascular and interventional radiology specialist.

Sequoia's Biopsy Center is a hub of translational research focused on bringing the benefits of scientific breakthroughs to patients. Dr. Tamrazi emphasizes the importance of medical research in enhancing the biopsy process and has initiated internal projects and external collaborations with biotech start-ups to enable comprehensive tumor analysis and select appropriate personalized targeted therapies

Innovative Research 

Here are some examples of cutting-edge clinical research conducted at the Biopsy Center. We are currently planning additional research projects with the aim of improving health outcomes for our patients.

  • In a recent internal research study, Dr. Tamrazi's team examined biopsies on minute abnormal lung nodules in high-risk patients performed at our Center (Cancer Treatment and Research Communications, 2022). They aimed to detect cancer in its early stages and determine the characteristics of tumors. Findings from this research revealed that obtaining high-quality biopsies that could also provide molecular insights was feasible from even very small lung masses. Strikingly, the early detection and implementation of more targeted treatment strategies resulted in prolonged patient survival rates.

  • Dr. Tamrazi's other area of interest is in liquid biopsy, which uses a small sample of a patient’s blood or other easily accessible bodily fluid to look for signs of cancer. This upcoming technology can aid in diagnosis and treatment planning without the need for surgery. Dr. Tamrazi's work in this area shows promise for early detection and monitoring of certain cancer types (Frontiers in Oncology, 2023).

  • Sequoia recently collaborated with Travera Inc., a company affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in a clinical trial. Dr. Tamrazi played a pivotal role in assisting Travera to develop a test that has been approved by the FDA. This test uses patients' chest or abdominal fluid samples to determine the most effective advanced cancer treatments (Nature Communications Biology, 2023, and the Journal of Clinical Oncology, 2024).

How to Support Precision Biopsy

Sequoia Hospital Foundation invites you to support the expansion of the Biopsy Center. Charitable contributions assist to retain and train the Center's clinical and research staff, expand the Center's work, and continue the mission to provide the highest quality of care for the patient community at Sequoia.  

Our gratitude extends to the founding donors whose support has facilitated significant advancements in biopsy research.

Dr. Anobel Tamrazi, vascular and interventional radiology specialist

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