Financial Summary FY 2015/2017

Funds Raised

In the 2016 Fiscal Year the Sequoia Hospital Foundation raised a total of $4.04 million in gifts and support from grateful patients, community members, and granting organizations.

In its lifetime, the Sequoia Hospital Foundation has raised more than $64 million in support of Sequoia Hospital's mission, programs and people.

Funds Transfered

In the 2016 Fiscal Year the Sequoia Hospital Foundation transferred $3.9 million to Sequoia Hospital for strategic capital and programmatic needs and granted $75,000 in scholarships to seven student nurses in the Sequoia Hospital/San Francisco State University Bachelor of Science Nursing program at Cañada College.

Funds Held

The Sequoia Hospital Foundation currently has assets of $19,579,154.

Our Promise

Due to an operating grant from Sequoia Hospital, the Sequoia Hospital Foundation is able to assure our donors that 100% of their donation will be used to support the services and projects they specify.


The Sequoia Hospital Foundation adheres to the Association of Fundraising Professionals' “Code of Ethical Principles and Standards of Professional Practice.” Information on the code, including the Donor Bill of Rights, is available at

Examples of our commitment to ethical practices include:

We honor each donor’s intent by using restricted gifts only for their designated purpose.

We protect donors’ information and do not provide or sell mailing lists to other organizations.

The Sequoia Hospital Foundation receives and manages contributions given for the benefit of Sequoia Hospital. It is a not-for-profit organization, as provided under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions are tax deductible in accordance with state and federal law.

For more information, contact the Foundation by calling (650) 367-5657 or visit the Contact Us page.