2023 Year End Giving

Almost every day, we hear about another remarkable advancement in modern medicine.

Physicians and their patients gladly welcome the news about the latest medications, treatments, or surgical equipment because what often follows is a celebration for family members, friends, or neighbors restored to good health. In some cases, medical advances may even save a life.

At Sequoia Hospital, our physicians are on the front lines, working with patients who are always eager for the best medical options available for their care plans, especially if they or a loved one are facing a severe injury or illness. Innovative technology allows surgeons to improve patient lives by restoring their mobility, which is essential to a quality life. We invite grateful patients and friends in the community to help bring new technology to patients at Sequoia Hospital. Your gift will support the new technology surgeons use to enhance procedures.

While Sequoia strives to offer exceptional care, it cannot fund all updates and improvements. Community donations are essential in providing enhancements to our high-quality, world-class care for the community. Our success in bringing the latest technology to patients starts with you. We are grateful for your kind and thoughtful support to bring advanced equipment to Sequoia Hospital.

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For additional information about making a gift for 2023 please contact the Foundation at 650.367.5657.