2020 Year End Giving

Now more than ever, Dignity Health Sequoia Hospital is proud to care for our community. While so much has changed this year, much has also not. Within our Birth Center babies are born daily and world-class care continues within our Heart and Vascular Institute. Patients still need, and are receiving, excellent oncology, orthopedic and emergency medical treatment. Our doctors, nurses and care professionals are here for you and those you care about.

Caring for those in need is both a calling and a privilege. The challenges of providing health care amidst a global pandemic, however, have taken their toll on Sequoia’s team while also revealing a pervasive and determined spirit.

Photo of Sequoia leaders.

Initially, there was just fear because this was a new virus and we didn’t know if we had the right people…if we had enough personal protective equipment (PPE). Staff was concerned about going home and putting their family in danger. Over time that shifted to change fatigue, with new information and protocols coming almost daily. On top of that is the sadness of seeing people dying or having significant effects of the illness if they do survive. We take that personally because our job is to save people and to help them transition in a manner they would want. Often in these cases it’s not the way the patient would have wanted and their family can’t be present. It’s been hard. We’re seeing young nurses who are leaving the profession. We’re seeing staff who are retiring early because the stress is too much. But we’re also seeing nurses saying this is what we’re here for. I can do this. So we’re also witnessing a coming together and camaraderie.

Eleanor Eberhard, MBA, RN
    Vice President of Patient Care Services, CNO/COO

Please help us care for these caregivers today so that they can care for you when you need them most. Eleanor, together with Bill Graham, Sequoia’s President and the hospital’s leadership are working hard to foster resiliency among our staff during these challenging times. These important programs and dedicated providers need your support. Every gift is significant. While your past support has already helped us achieve outstanding results, we’re not done yet! Come together this holiday season with other community members to support the people and programs that will ensure the care you receive at Sequoia Hospital is always the best it can be.

Year end gifts may be made using the "Donate Now" button above.