A New Beginning: Investing in our Birth Center

The history of Sequoia Hospital stretches back to 1938 when an ambitious group of nine women appealed to the City Council of Redwood City for a hospital to serve the residents of Southern San Mateo County. After years of persistence, their vision became a reality in 1950.

Today, Sequoia Hospital stands as a reminder of their persistence as we continue to provide excellent, patient-centered care. And as we look towards the future of our hospital, we are inspired by these nine women’s pioneering strength as we take their founding vision to the next level: Investing in our Birth Center. 

Together, we want to enhance our already award-winning Birth Center to further improve health outcomes and patient experiences for our tiniest patients and their families. 

  • Reimagine our Birth Center interior and provide our outstanding physicians and providers with a best-in-class healing environment that rises to the level of their extraordinary care.

  • Enhance our private, patient-centered birthing suites and post-partum rooms to ensure best-in-class safety, comfort and bonding between parents and their new baby.

  • Invest in our staff - both leaders and rising stars - and provide the educational resources and acknowledgement for their round the clock dedication to our patient community.

  • Create opportunities to celebrate and educate parents as they embark in one of the most challenging and exciting times of their lives.

Our goal is to enhance the surroundings for our most precious and vulnerable community: our children. Join us to reimagine our space and to continue to provide the incredible care that Sequoia Hospital is known for.

We are eager to answer any questions you may have about the work that our donors make possible.

For additional information about A New Beginning: Investing in our Birth Center campaign, please contact Lindsey Hincks at 650.367.5712 or Lindsey.Hincks@CommonSpirit.org