Danielle's Story

With a baby on the way, Danielle and her husband began their search for a hospital and an obstetrician to help welcome the newest member of their family.  Even under the happiest of circumstances, however, the prospect of a hospital stay can be filled with anxiety and fear. Although her husband, as a former athlete, had spent his share of time in medical settings, Danielle had not. Thoughts of needles, blood and of being treated as a faceless patient rather than an individual worried her. Together, the couple narrowed their search to Sequoia and another area hospital and interviewed three doctors.

Although they didn’t know much about the hospital previously, stories from friends and online research led them to realize that Sequoia was right for them and had the options and relaxed atmosphere they were searching for. When the time came and they arrived at the hospital “we felt like we were the only people there,” remembered Danielle. “It didn’t feel like a hospital at all. The calm and quiet helped reduce the stress I was experiencing. All of our nurses were amazing! We couldn’t have asked for better.”  

Danielle’s son arrived eleven days early, however, while the obstetrician she had been meeting with was on vacation. The prospect of not having met the doctor who would now deliver her son, combined with stories of mothers being pressured into procedures in the delivery room once again filled Danielle with anxiety. “None of that materialized, however,” says Danielle. “The doctor and nurses explained my options fully and let me make every choice. There was no pressure. I was treated with genuine care, like a friend or family member.” After delivery, the Birth Center’s staff achieved the delicate balance of giving the attention and care that was needed while respecting the new family’s privacy. Hourly check-ins were worked around family visits and opportunities for quiet time between the parents and newborn.  

Once comfortably settled at home, Danielle and her husband had an opportunity to consider which organizations they wanted to support. Thinking back on their experience, they made the decision to make a gift in honor of their young son to support the care provided at Sequoia Hospital.