Employee Giving

Sequoia Hospital enjoys a proud legacy of employee philanthropy and we are honored that so many of our caregivers and their families choose to make Sequoia one of their annual giving priorities. Through a tax-deductible gift to the Sequoia Hospital Foundation, Sequoia’s employees help to ensure that the same quality care they deliver every day will be available to their friends, family and neighbors in their time of need.

As we launch this year’s season of giving, we will be highlighting three core priorities of this year’s campaign.  Over the coming weeks you will be learning more about each of these vital initiatives and how they can help make Sequoia more inviting for our patients and staff!

Canine Kindness

Expansion and enhancement of pet therapy at Sequoia!
Pet therapy is available to patients roughly two days a week. This expansion will help brand the program and provide resources to expand to five days per week.


Expansion of resiliency efforts at Sequoia!
The Foundation, through private donor support has helped to fund resiliency efforts for nurses through the Nurses’ Wish List as well as for Physicians through funding for a physician wellness initiative. This expansion would provide resources to make resiliency efforts available across the entire hospital to ensure Sequoia brings their best to every patient interaction.

Health & Wellness

Expansion of Sequoia Community Care!
As we look to ensure a bright future for all patients at Sequoia, the expansion of the Sequoia Community Care program will provide the vital resources and access to community services that reinforce healing.

Again, we will be detailing more on each of these items over the coming weeks as our campaign continues.  We hope you will join us in investing in our future! As always, you can also make a donation to support any of our departments or programs at the hospital. 


Making a Gift

Making a gift to the Sequoia Hospital Foundation's Employee Giving Campaign is easy and convenient! Simply select one of the methods below.

To give either a one-time gift or an ongoing recurring gift using payroll or PTO deduction you may go directly to the Dignity Health Employee Self Serve (ESS) site.

    1. Visit https://ess.dignityhealth.org
    2. Log-in with your employee ID and network password
    3. Click “Bookmarks” in the upper left corner
    4. From the menu, click “Employee Self-Service”
    5. From the menu, click “Employee Giving” and then “ESS Employee giving”
    6. Click “Add Donation”
    7. Select donation option of your choosing
    8. Select “Sequoia Hospital Foundation” from the menu
    9. Click “Confirm”
    10. Enter your name as you wish the Foundation to recognize you
    11. Enter one of the three options (or your department) in the “Purpose Restriction” box.  If you leave the Purpose Restriction box blank, it means your donation will be allocated to the Area of Greatest Need Fund for Sequoia.

To give a one-time employee contribution using your credit card, please use the "Donate Now" button above.


If you have questions about our employee giving programs, please contact any of your gift concierges in the Foundation office located on the first floor by the B elevators or call (650) 367-5657.