“The day my wife, Olga, was diagnosed with leukemia was one of the worst days of our lives.  Although she ultimately passed away after two and a half years, we were fortunate to find a place like Sequoia Hospital where she could receive the treatment she needed in a quality setting.  We were cared for like family.  I can’t say that enough. We were at Sequoia two and sometimes three times a week and every member of the Infusion Department team treated her with care, consideration and compassion, like one of their own.  Olga volunteered at Sequoia when she was able and as needs arose we decided to give back where we could.  In her spirit, I continue to support Sequoia. I am fortunate to be able to give and it makes me feel good to see the impact it has on the hospital and its patients."

 Fred Sommer

 (Pictured above with Kari Wolf, RN and Lynne Grant, RN)