Bone Density Scanner

Beginning in December 2019, Dignity Health Sequoia Hospital is pleased to begin offering advanced bone density screening through the Women’s Diagnostic Center, located adjacent to the main hospital. Sequoia’s new Hologic Horizon DXA system was fully funded by the Sequoia Hospital Foundation with $67,000 in community donations.

Bone density screening is recommended for women over 55 and safely and accurately measures density as a predictor for osteoporosis and risk of future fracture. Measuring three key spots on the body — lower spine, thigh/hip, and forearm — the non-invasive test takes approximately 20 minutes to perform. After removing metal objects from their pockets, patients can wear their street clothes during the assessment. Exposure to radiation as a result of the test is extremely low. Following the test, a radiologist will review the results and communicate with the patient and/or their doctor, usually within 24 hours. Screening is quick, easy, and painless.

Sequoia Hospital’s goal is to enable our area residents to enjoy a safe, active and productive lifestyle. The Sequoia Hospital Foundation is honored to partner with the hospital and our community donors to make this vision a reality.