Care Beyond the Bedside

Ensuring outstanding all-around care doesn’t stop at the patient’s bedside. Dignity Health Sequoia Hospital and the Sequoia Hospital Foundation recognize that our patients often worry about the impacts of their own treatment on those they love. While completely understandable, this can distract from their necessary healing process.

Recently, Sequoia Hospital President Bill Graham unveiled the new Hospitality Cart, generously funded by Foundation donors and designed to make everyone’s stay at Sequoia more comfortable. The goal is to extend the continuum of care to our patients’ families during their time at Sequoia by providing simple necessities like coloring books, lip balm and granola bars, for example, as well as information about local restaurants and services. By caring for their loved ones, we enhance the healing environment for each of our patients as well.

“Any hospital that has an offering like this is a caring place for both patient and family.”

“You gave us a little smile during difficult moments.”

- Family members responding to the cart’s impact during their stay.